Mysterious Spate of Logistical Problems Sweeps Beijing

On the eve of the biggest music weekend of the year – the May Day festival blowout, this year featuring Midi, Strawberry, Chaoyang Pop, Pinggu, and Raying Temple’s Experimental fest – arts events across Beijing have been getting shut down without explanation due to a wave of “logistical problems” that are apparently sweeping Beijing.

On April 20, Global Times reported that the 8th Annual Documentary Film Festival, slated to take place May 1 through 7, was “pulling its own plug”:

We cancelled it ourselves,” festival art director Zhu Rikun told the Global Times Tuesday. “The overall situation was tense, and we had received a lot of pressure. We worried that the films to be shown would meet some problems in this environment and decided to cancel it.” He would not explain specifically what pressures they had encountered.

Meanwhile, a show at Mao Livehouse was shut down a week or so ago, while Rustic’s cd release party (scheduled for April 22) was aborted at the last second when electrical problems were suddenly invented discovered at Yugong Yishan. On their blog, Rustic wrote:

大家不要有太多的担心和误会,Rustic也不会因为这么突然的事件灰心或者打不起精神来。士不可以不弘毅,任重而道远. 在中国做摇滚乐,就是要肩负起这样或那样的挫折,这一切都是摇滚女皇送给我们的礼物,Rock n Roll loves the boys,the boys gonna face the troubles. 我们认为摇滚的魅力并不只是表现在舞台上,他更反映在舞台下,反映在乐队需要面对的一系列的挫折里,这更是一个好的开始,一个让Rustic乐队走的更远的开始。

We don’t want everyone to be too concerned or full of misunderstandings. Rustic won’t be discouraged by this event or lose our spirit. Soldiers cannot give up when there is still a long way to go. To make rock music inChinais to experience a number of setbacks – all of it is part of the gift given to us by the queen of rock and roll. Rock and roll loves the boys, the boys gonna face the troubles. We believe that the charm of rock music is not just in performing onstage – it’s reflected even more off the stage, reflected when bands are forced to confront a series of setbacks. This is an even better start, one that makes rustic start from an either further starting place…

Who knows what other fine events have been shut down by this recent unfortunate spate of logistical problems and code violations? It’s an epidemic! …just like the ones that broke out during the Olympics and Shanghai Expo and any other national event. I can only hope that everything goes off without at hitch this coming weekend, and that no metalheads with an overabundance of national pride burn any Japanese flags


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